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A joint venture between Dubai Government’s Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and Caltex, EPPCO Lubricants was established in 1980 as subsidiary of EPPCO Projects.

ENOC Lubricants offers a wide range of lubricants and greases tailored for various sectors, such as automotive, industrial, marine, heavy-duty diesel engines, and commercial applications. With a global footprint spanning 60 countries in regions like the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, CIS, and the Indian Subcontinent, ENOC Lubricants has established a significant presence.

Enoc & Caltex (EPPCO) Automotive Lubricant

Enoc & Caltex Automotive Lubricant

Automobiles | Motorcycles | Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles | Agricultural Machinery

Encompassing a diverse array of industries and manufacturing sectors, ranging from aeronautics to agriculture, as well as power and mining, Eppco Lubricants tailors its products and services to match a wide range of equipment types. This approach aims to enhance the performance of these equipment and ensure optimal functionality. Eppco lubricant is widely used in motorbikes, passenger cabs, cars, trucks, commercial fleet and tractors.

Enox & Caltex Industrial Lubricant

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Eppco Lubricants offers a wide range of products and services which are adapted to match all equipments from aeronautics to agricultural, as well as power and mining industries within the range of all types of industries and manufacturing engines.

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Enoc & Caltex (Eppco) Industrial Lubricant
Enoc & Caltex (Eppco) Heavy Equipment Lubricant

Enoc & Caltex (EPPCO) Heavy Eqipment Lubricant

Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Lubricant | Agricultural Machinery Lubricant | Construction Equipment Lubricant | Mining Equipment Lubricant

The demand for oil to maintain its ideal viscosity and resilience is increasing as engines face increasing pressures. The Eppco heavy equipment lubricant is an exceptionally robust molecular chain engineered to encapsulate detrimental deposits with exceptionally strong molecular chains.

Consequently, this advanced formulation prolongs the oil's effectiveness until the next drain interval while simultaneously maintaining optimal viscosity, and guarding against wear and oxidation. It also ensures that the oil maintains its effective viscosity.

Enox & Caltex Marine Lubricant

Marine Lubricant | Marine Engine Oils | Hydraulic oils | Gear oils | Compressor oils | Greases | Turbine oils

Our complete range of lubrication services includes everything you need to lubricate the equipment on small fishing boats, yachts, up to the largest passenger and cargo ships in the world. Due to the diversity of equipment on ships, advanced lubrication technology is necessary to maintain the highest safety level.

Enoc & Caltex Marine Lubricant

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