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Discover high-quality air compressors designed for optimal performance and reliability. Our range includes industrial and commercial solutions to meet various pneumatic needs. Browse now for efficient air compression solutions!

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ABAC, your ideal business partner, empowers your growth with a diverse range of products, spanning from screws to piston air compressors, professional pneumatic tools to air piping systems. Our extensive air compressor portfolio, featuring oil-free and oil-injected options, as well as portable and stationary models, covers a range from 1 HP to 30 HP. Count on ABAC to fuel your daily work and steer you towards a prosperous and ambitious future.

A29B PRO - One Stage Belt Driven Compressor

A39 PRO - One Stage Belt Driven Compressor

PRO B4900-7000 - Two Stage Belt Driven Compressor

PRO Slow Speed

PRO High Flow BV - Two Stage Belt Driven Compressor

PRO High Flow Tandem - Two Stage Twin Pump Belt Driven Compressor

15 bar PRO - Two Stage High Pressure Belt Driven Compressor


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Discover the power and reliability of FIAC air compressors. From industrial to personal use, our FIAC compressors deliver superior performance, durability, and efficiency. Elevate your air compression needs with cutting-edge technology.

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