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30 Dec. 2019

Mobil Training Academy - Big 5 Show

During the event of Big5 show and Big 5 Heavy Shiw in Dubai Novemeber 2019 ( 23-26 Nov 2019) , Bavaria Equipment Trading conducted its Mobil Academy Trading to its customer in collaboration with Exxon Mobil and EMALU Team.
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13 Jan. 2020

Celebrating 150 Years of Lubricant Innovation

We are proud to celebrate a major achievement, serving the world’s lubrication needs since 1866. Please join us and watch a video that recounts some of the key milestones along this amazing journey.
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16 Dec. 2020

Concrete Pump

In a closed hydraulic oil system, the pump works when it needs to transmit energy, but does not generate flow when it is resting: this system offers greater energy efficiency and reduced component.
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16 Dec. 2020

US Battery

Bavaria Equipment is an Authorized Distributor for US Battery in Middle East Region. US Battery is founded 1926 (95 years) old company and its products are widely used in US | Europe| Asia Pacific region | Middle east region.
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10 Mar. 2021

Power Flow

POWERFLOW PLASTER Machine is continues mixing and spraying pump machine with very high capacity German- Nord Pump, Which is suitable for premixed gypsum, lime and cement based plasters, glues, colored plasters, stuccoes and finishing coats.
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17 Mar. 2021

Mobil Industrial Lubricant

Mobil Lubricant is approved by 98% of all OEM operating company in the worldwide. It uses highest quality of Base oil with more Synthetic Additives on formulation. Exxon Mobil is 100 Years old company,And World Largest Traded Oil & Gas.
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